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How to watch the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards live

The most anticipated night of the year for Hispanic artists around the world is getting closer. Millions of people will be watching their screens to see how their favorite Spanish singers and groups take the stage to get one (or several) Latin Grammys.

Before the expected gala awards ceremony for Latin music arrives, the lists with the nominees for the various categories arrive. Thanks to these lists we can know which artists can get Grammys and also speculate on those who are most likely to take the Grammy.

Latin Grammy nominees and nominees 2019

Obviously the list of categories and nominations is very large. To access the complete and official lists of Latin Grammys nominees 2019 you can click on the link.

Rosalia and Alejandro Sanz are two of the artists with the most nominations (five and eight respectively) to the Latin Grammy. Behind the Spanish singers, Juan Luis Guerra, Andrs Calamaro, Fonseca or Tony Succar stand out, among many others.

Below we highlight some of the most important categories.

Record of the year

"Looks like Friday" Marc Anthony

"Sharp Truths" Andrs Calamaro

"Ah Ah" Vicente Garca

"Kitipun" Juan Luis Guerra 4.40

"Wanting Better" Juanes with Alessia Cara

"La Plata" Juanes with Lalo Ebratt

"Aute Couture" Rosala

"My Favorite Person" Alejandro Sanz with Camila Cabello

"I have nothing" Alejandro Sanz

"Coward" Ximena Sariana

Song of the Year

"Calm" Pedro Cap, Gabriel Edgar Gonzlez Prez and George Noriega, composers (Pedro Cap)

"Deconstruo" Tiago Iorc, composer (Tiago Iorc)

"El Pas" Rubn Blades, composer (Rubn Blades)