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How to watch the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards live

The most anticipated night of the year for Hispanic artists around the world is getting closer. Millions of people will be watching their screens to see how their favorite Spanish singers and groups take the stage to get one (or several) Latin Grammys.

Before the expected gala awards ceremony for Latin music arrives, the lists with the nominees for the various categories arrive. Thanks to these lists we can know which artists can get Grammys and also speculate on those who are most likely to take the Grammy.

Latin Grammy nominees and nominees 2019

Obviously the list of categories and nominations is very large. To access the complete and official lists of Latin Grammys nominees 2019 you can click on the link.

Rosalia and Alejandro Sanz are two of the artists with the most nominations (five and eight respectively) to the Latin Grammy. Behind the Spanish singers, Juan Luis Guerra, Andrs Calamaro, Fonseca or Tony Succar stand out, among many others.

Below we highlight some of the most important categories.

Record of the year

"Looks like Friday" Marc Anthony

"Sharp Truths" Andrs Calamaro

"Ah Ah" Vicente Garca

"Kitipun" Juan Luis Guerra 4.40

"Wanting Better" Juanes with Alessia Cara

"La Plata" Juanes with Lalo Ebratt

"Aute Couture" Rosala

"My Favorite Person" Alejandro Sanz with Camila Cabello

"I have nothing" Alejandro Sanz

"Coward" Ximena Sariana

Song of the Year

"Calm" Pedro Cap, Gabriel Edgar Gonzlez Prez and George Noriega, composers (Pedro Cap)

"Deconstruo" Tiago Iorc, composer (Tiago Iorc)

"El Pas" Rubn Blades, composer (Rubn Blades)

"Kitipun" Juan Luis Guerra, composer (Juan Luis Guerra 4.40)

"My Favorite Person" Camila Cabello and Alejandro Sanz, composers (Alejandro Sanz with Camila Cabello)

"I Have Nothing" Alejandro Sanz, composer (Alejandro Sanz)

"Qudate" Kany Garca and Tommy Torres, composers (Kany Garca and Tommy Torres)

"Wanting Better" Rafael Arcaute, Alessia Cara, Camilo Echeverry, Juanes, Mauricio Montaner, Ricardo Montaner and Tainy, composers (Juanes with Alessia Cara)

"Un Ao" Mauricio Rengifo, Andrs Torres and Sebastin Yatra, composers (Sebastin Yatra with Reik)

"Come" Fonseca, composer (Fonseca)

Best Urban Music Album

Kisses Anitta

X 100PRE Bad bunny

My movement The ghetto

19 Feid

Dreams Sech

Best Urban Song

"Dance Dance Dance" Ozuna and Vicente Saavedra, composers (Ozuna)

"Caliente" J Balvin, Ren Cano, De La Ghetto and Alejandro Ramirez, composers (De La Ghetto with J Balvin)

"With Height" J Balvin, Mariachi Budda, Frank Dukes, El Guincho, Alejandro Ramirez and Rosala, composers (Rosala and J Balvin with El Guincho)

"Another Drink" Kevyn Mauricio Cruz, Kevin Mauricio Jimenez Londoo, Bryan Lezcano Chaverra, Josh Mendez, Sech and Jorge Valdes, composers (Sech with Darell)

"Pa 'Olvidarte" Ren Cano, ChocQuibtown, Kevyn Cruz Moreno, Juan Diego Medina Vlez, Andrs David Restrepo, Mateo Tejada Giraldo, Andrs Uribe Marn, Juan Vargas and Doumbia Yohann, composers (ChocQuibTown)

When and where will the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards take place?

This 20th annual Latin Grammy Awards given by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will take place on November 15 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The live broadcast of the ceremony will be at 20:00 PM (New York time), which in Spain is at 1:00 AM, in Mexico DC at 6:00 PM, Colombia at 5:00 PM and Argentina at 9:00 PM

How to watch the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards live

Are you dying to see the delivery of Latin Grammy Awards 2019 but you are not lucky enough to be able to attend in person? Luckily there are options to enjoy the Latin ceremony live without having to move from your sofa.

The official website of the Latin Grammys, broadcast the event live. So if you want to watch the gala in streaming, you just have to click on this link to access its official website and click on the live tab, at the top of the page.

Also, if you can tune in your TV DKISS channels or Univisin, You will be lucky to see the Latin Grammys 2019 awards ceremony live and open.

The last one has a time meter that carries out a countdown of hours and minutes after which we can witness the most important event of the year for Spanish-speaking singers and groups from all over the international scene

Keep in mind that depending on where you are, you may or may not be affected by the streaming awards due to a geographical block since sometimes, some content is reserved exclusively for a specific country or country.

If this is your case, there is still hope: you can use a VPN connection to dodge the geographical block which, although it is usually against the terms and conditions of use of any platform, is usually an easy solution for many and many users.

Use a VPN to see the Latin Grammys 2019

A VPN connection It allows you to connect to the Internet in a safe and intimate way. In addition, it allows us to change the location of the server from which we connect to the Internet, breaking in this way with the geographical block that we talked about in the previous section.

The first step you will have to take is to say what VPN to install. You should know that in addition to paid VPNs, there are free VPNs. We recommend you take a look at our lists of best free VPN, the 5 best VPN for Android or Top 10 VPNs of 2018.

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