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How to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to another mobile

Using the Google account

For this one method we will use the bill from Google with which we have initiated Be without in our device. The first thing we will do is get in in the application of settings, for this we can enter since he icon of the app in the app drawer or by sliding the bar from quick settings and by clicking on the settings icon. Once in the settings application we will look the option ┬źAccounts┬╗, within that option we will find the account list with which we have logged into this device. One of them must be the Google account, click on it.

As we see a menu is displayed in which we have the option "Google account", ┬źSynchronization┬╗ Y ┬źRemove Account┬╗. The one that interests us is the second So we click on it. This will open a menu in which we can activate the information that we want to be synchronized with our account, in this case select ┬źContacts┬╗ and if you want you can select the rest you will save doing this whole process every time you want to synchronize something.

Install the backup

One time you've done the backup will have to happen to the new smartphone in which you are trying to install the contacts. While doing the first necessary settings in Android One of them should talk about backups, to install it you will have to log in if you have not already done so and show you the backup copies that are linked to your account. Google. Once you choose the correct one, it will be easy for you since it puts the time and date on which it was made, teach you all the elements that you can install from the last copy. In this case you will select the contacts and if you have synchronized more information you can mark several so that you do not lose even the smallest information.

Using telegram

Telegram has a countless functions, among them we find the saved messages, a chat that you keep with yourself. It is especially useful to pass links between computer and mobile or documents. In this case we will use it to pass the contacts and then be able to recover all from the computer. The main problem is that you can do it only one at a time.

You just have to enter the chat of saved messages and press the clip-shaped button and select the option ┬źContacts┬╗, select the contact or contacts we want to transfer from one device to another and send it. In this way we can access this contact from any device with our account Telegram.

With these two methods you can transfer contacts very easily between devices.

How to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to another mobile
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