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How to solve memory management problems in OnePlus 3

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<p>If there is a complaint that has been repeated during all these days regarding the OnePlus 3 it is the memory management, and it is a terminal with <strong>6 GB of RAM</strong> which performs an open application management comparable with 3 GB and 4 GB mobile RAM. <strong>Even comparisons have already been made with the Samsung Galaxy S7, which leaves the terminal of the Chinese company in a very bad place.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Something that should be clear is that it is not a bug in the OnePlus 3, this memory management has been created so aggressive to favor the consumption of the battery.</strong> And also, it allows its users <em>poop</em> in your brand new mobile until you find the right solution. Another advantage is that ROMS manufacturers can choose if they prefer to have a good RAM management, or on the contrary a good autonomous.</p><div class=

There is no doubt that the community behind OnePlus is one of the fastest, and it has only taken a few days to find the solution. From XDA Developers, they comment that it is as simple as changing lines within the build.prop.

To access the build.prop, the first thing we need is to have the smartphone rooted, once we fulfill this characteristic, we must only enter it. One of the easiest ways to modify this file is from our file manager with root permissions, but there are also applications within Google Play that perform this function.

Once the build.prop, which is located inside the system, is located in the phone’s raz folder, you have to look for a line called ?ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit = 20?. When we find this line we have to change the numerical value to a higher one. An XDA Developers user comments on his page that he has tried to change it for values ??between 36 and 42.

line buildprop code

Unfortunately we still have no evidence regarding battery performance, since this user has not yet performed any tests to prove the difference. As soon as memory management shows us very encouraging results. And after changing the values ??of the build.prop, the OnePlus 3 is able to leave in memory up to twice as many applications.

It is still early to find a definitive solution in which the balance between RAM and battery management is found, But at least, this is a step forward that allows us to see the large developer community behind OnePlus in any of its terminals.

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