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How to send photos and videos and share albums with Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage service specialized inphotography and video. It is free and unlimited, although with compression at 16 megapixels and 1080p resolution. That is why it is the option chosen by most users. But also because it offers a multitude of options such as, for example,share photos quickly and even grouped infull albums that, by the way, we can do collaborative.

Google Photos It gives us the option to send and receive images easily, and videos. But also, in the albums we have an interesting tool in which to group photos and videos. And as we advanced, we caninvite to other users so they can also add their content. In this way, if we go on a trip with someone –for example- be simple that we can share, respectively, what we have captured with our camera. We can do all this as follows:

So you can share photos, videos and albums using Google Photos

Open the applicationGoogle Photos, and in the bottom bar you will find several sections among which isalbums. Touch here and then, in the upper right corner, on the icon with three points in vertical orientation. In the menu that is displayed you can choose to create an album, or create a shared album. The next thing is to add a title to it –a name, go- and thenadd photos and videos. When you have created it, simply click on the upper right corner onShare,and choose the contact or application.

But there is another option. In the section ofPhotos, which is the main application, select as many photos –or videos- you want to share By making a multiple selection, you will see the share button in the upper right corner and, in the same way, you can select the contact to whom you want to send this content or the applications through which you can do it. However, in this case you will not create your own album, or an album in which other users can participate by uploading their own content so that you can also download them.

And the third possibility is to use the specific tab ofShare, also available in the bottom bar of the application. By clicking here you can quickly create a shared album by selecting a name for it again, the contents you want to share and, of course, one or more contacts that you want to have access to it. You can configure who can only see, and who can view and edit to upload your photos and videos to this shared album.