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How to download and install Wiseplay Lists [TUTORIAL ACTUALIZADO]

Are you bored of always watching the same thing on TV? You don't have a penny to subscribe to online TV services like Netflix or Hulu? Do you simply refuse to pay for entertainment? Here we have something that may interest you.

Imagine you could access thousands of TV channels from your Android with just one app and a few clicks. Are you tempted? Stay with us while we teach you how to download and install Wiseplay Lists on your mobile or tablet. Ahead!

Wiseplay for Android



*NOTE:The link to download from Google Play is up to date when updating this article (March 2019), it seems to be something temporary. We will leave you up waiting for it to recover. Meanwhile, you can click on this link, which is what the WisePlay website offers at this time as an alternative.

Before you know what a Wiseplay List is and how to download it, you probably want to find out what the hell Wiseplay is. The answer is very simple: Wiseplay is an app that allows you to watch your favorite series, movies and TV channels, within a click

You just have to download it and then look for the WisePlay list. Once uploaded to the app you can choose, among the options offered, the movies, series or TV channels you want to watch.

Simply put, it is a multiplatform media player, compatible with many video formats and playlists. Thanks to its simple interface, it is very easy to play local videos, as well as videos hosted on remote servers.

What is a Wiseplay List?

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Now that you know what Wiseplay is, you probably assume that Wiseplay lists They are simply compatible playlists. With this app you can upload video lists from .w3u or .m3u files, from URL links and from QR codes.

It's easy, don't be scared if you read strange formats that you don't know, you really don't need to know in depth what they are. The only thing you have to understand is that you are going to get these links and They will transform into what you will see.

With the lists, Wiseplay users can access a huge catalog of movies, series and even TV channels. This through streaming playback (without having to download it to the computer), completely free and instantly.

Use Wiseplay on Android

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The application is very simple and intuitive to use. Like any Android app, before you can play with it you must download and install it on your mobile or tablet.

Once you have it installed you can start using it. You will come and see that you have no information, this is normal, since the app does not come with anything really. You should look for what we call WisePlay List and upload it.

Vers three tabs at the bottom of the app or next to the drop-down content bar (depending on your device), among which you can change: Lists, Videos and Web Browser. In Lists, it is where you can choose what to see (when you have already uploaded content). In Vdeos, this will ask you for permission to access the files of your device, do not be scared, it is safe and only access the videos that you have on your mobile or tablet, in case you want to play them within the same WisePlay.

Finally, the Web Browser tab is exactly that, a browser that is included with the app. This is designed so you can browse and watch videos on your favorite pages, more comfortably. It includes a popup ad blocker. You should only access your favorite streaming website and click on the video of your choice.

Use WisePlay on your Smart TV

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If it turns out that you also want to watch your favorite series and movies but on your Smart TV, you can do it with the WisePlay app. The only detail is that it is an Android app, So your TV must have Android TV. This is an operating system with which some Smart TVs come, it is based on Kernel and with it you can install Android apps on your TV.

Among the Smart TVs that come with Android TV are:

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Sony Bravia
  • Philips OLED
  • My box
  • Sharp AQUOS

If it turns out that you do not have a Smart TV with Android TV, you will have to buy some of these additional devices that you will put on your TV:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Android TV Box

With either of these two, your normal TV will become a Smart TV and have the Android operating system. If your TV is already Smart, it doesn't matter, now you will have Android in the same way.

You can download the WisePlay app for your Android TV from this link.

Annex: Chromecast

This is another device with which you can use WisePlay. We explain a little why it is different. Chromecast is made to connect to your TV through an HDMI cable and You can use it to play movies, series, YouTube, etc., but through another device.

Basically, What you are seeing on your mobile, Tablet, among others, you can play on your TV. It is currently compatible with most of the devices that have been released, which is why it is so useful and popular.

If you have Chromecast, you should only have the WisePlay app on your device, open it and have the WisePlay lists you want to play. In the top bar of the app you should see the Chromecast cone that is in red (for this you must be connected to the same WiFi network and have the Chromecast configured correctly).

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Click on the cone already mentioned and select the device you are going to connect. When you select the video you want to play, a drop-down sale will appear where you have to choose the Chromecast option for the transmission.

Get Wiseplay Lists

There are many online sites with updated lists for Wiseplay. Just a little walk through Google to find one that interests you. If you don't know where to start, or don't trust your search instincts, you can always start by trying the following:

Steps to add lists to your Wiseplay

Once you have located the lists you want to try, adding them to your app is nothing from the other world. In any case, here are the basic steps you must follow to succeed:

  • Copy the URL of the list you want to add to Wiseplay.
  • Press + sign inside the app.
  • Paste the URL you copied before. Once this is done, the list will be added automatically.

NOTE: You can also add lists to Wiseplay using QR code, as long as the list provider provides it to you.

On the other hand, you can also download the complete list by downloading a compilation file. In these cases, you should only do the following:

  • Download the compilation file from your Android through your usual browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Once downloaded, open the file with Wiseplay.
  • Wait for the list to load.

Ready! Just try the list (see if it works and all that) and sit down to enjoy your TV Online completely free. If you still have doubts, or there is an error, we recommend you watch the following video:

How to keep your Lists Updated

You must be very aware, since approximately every month, the WisePlay lists are updated. This means that they upload new content and the other is discontinued. This will make the lists you have may not work for you.

That is why it is very important that you keep an order of your favorite WisePlay lists, that includes the websites where you download. We give you some tips so you do not find outdated problems:

  • Add your favorite websites (from where you download the WisePlay lists) to your bookmarks, preferably a folder where you can order them.
  • Have a limited number of websites, that is, do not add 20 just to add, then you will not know where it came from.
  • Check your most used links monthly, for that you must know from which website you downloaded them.
  • If the link to the WisePlay list is down, Just go to the web and describe it again.

Other Wiseplay Features

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WisePlay not only includes a Browser and the ability to play videos from your device, It also comes with the option of VR or Virtual Reality. Yes, it is true, if you have some of the VR devices, you can play your videos in 3D and Virtual Reality.

All this for free. The only thing you should do is choose the video (whether your galley is or is a compatible link), connect your VR glasses and be ready.

As a bonus, It has integrated the function of reproduction in cinema mode. This allows you to enjoy your VR content in the best quality, without having to worry about the video format. Pretty cool, right? Be one of the first to try it and leave us your comments below.

As you can see, it is very easy to have access to all the TV, series and movies you want totally free with Wiseplay. Simply follow certain steps and in a very short time you can sit and enjoy from your Android device.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment. Also if you know more ways to watch free TV or more websites to get updated lists.

And t, do you watch TV online on your Android or Smart TV for free?

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