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Go through the 3D Games stand, compete with Fordzilla and win an Xbox

From October 3 to 6 you have an appointment with the videogame fair. If you can not attend, watch the live 3D Games from MGW.

Image of Madrid Games Week 2019

Start Madrid Games Week 2019, the great videogame fair held from October 3 to 6 at Feria de Madrid. If you like video games, you have a good opportunity to try the latest releases, attend eSport competitions, attend developer conferences, enjoy the retro game area and much more.

And by the way, if you go to the fair, stop by our stand at the MGW and compete in the tests to be the first shortlisted members of the Ford eSports team in Spain,Ford eSports Fordzilla. Also, thanks toXbox Spain and Ford, the winner or participant who performs the best time every day of the fair will take aXbox One Sto his house

Madrid Games Week 2019

Do not forget to follow the different retransmissions that we will do on our YouTube channel every day, because there will also be prizes for online visitors:Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

First live:Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

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