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Free Netflix, the best alternative

No matter what I say Christopher Nolan, the chains by streaming They are the future of cinema and television – like it or not. But there is nothing wrong with enjoying good programming at home, in the car or on a plane. Well maybethere is a trouble:the price. Will you believe us if we tell you that you can have Netflix for free?Is about MovieFlix, the free alternative of the global platform.

Of course, there are several alternative options in Spanish-speaking, all you need is an Internet connection. Most of the movies available to watch online come with dual soundtracks, so you can watch them in your preferred language.

The most famous streaming services

Streaming sites offer superior image quality as long as you have a TV or HD monitor; And that's why they are famous. Sign up for a streaming service guarantees that there is no risk of computer viruses, something that cannot be said of many free download sites.

With most providers, you can register for the first month for free, so you can get an idea of ​​what you will get for yoursubscriptionpay. Monthly prices tend to be similar to a movie ticket, and many people think they offer a good relationship price quality, although some sites charge more for new movies or series.

In Spain and Latin America, the most famous sites are:


Netflix has three different subscription options:

  • Basic: a screen, without HD.
  • Standard: two screens simultaneously, HD, without ultra HD.
  • Premium: four screens simultaneously, HD and ultra-HD.

You can enjoy Netflix on your tablet, smart phone or computer, as well as on your TVwhenever you pay the monthly payment. The films and series are available in the original language and come with subtitles in several languages.


Offering the best series like game of Thrones, the HBO website is available in English and Spanish.

Like other providers, the first month is free. Then there are almost 10 each month and you can cancel at any time. HBO allows transmission on up to two different screens simultaneously.

Amazon PrimeVideo

Amazon Prime members have free access to Prime Video with movies and series. The selection on offer is probably not as good as Netflix or HBO, but as Amazon Prime it's cheaperand it comes with all the other advantages of Amazonalthough never be free.

Many of the series and movies can be downloaded for offline viewing, which is useful when traveling or without WiFi signal.

Rakuten TV

RakutenTV has an extensive catalog of movies and television series. Rakuten has a monthly rate of 6.99 that includes a large number of movies. Additional films not included in the monthly rate are priced from 1.99 to 4.99 for 48 hours of rental.

Rakuten TV offers the opportunity to sign up for the free one-month trial and can cancel it at any time.

And where is Netflix free?

All these sites are very good, yes, they offer similar characteristics but they coincide in one factor: all are payments. Will you believe me if I tell you that there are sites that offer the same but without paying anything? You can check one list of websites to watch free movies and series in SpanishIt brings together the most complete sites that provide the best of two worlds: premium programming and without any cost.

Among these pages, one of the rest stands out:


This company, MovieFlix, with characteristics similar to those offered by Netflix, is providing the same series and movieswhich can be found on Netflix or HBO but at a very low cost.

Movieflix prices are so extremely low that they are practically low; This is because unlike the large platforms – mentioned at the beginning – they are not producers, but only distributors.

Movieflix does not provide a month, it provides a free year. Once elapsed you can unsubscribe or start paying the rate of 2.50 per month or $ 3 (depending on the local currency).

Where do you get Movieflix services?

It is a streaming platform that can be downloaded from theApp Storeor Google Play, is compatible to watch on TV.

The platform gives option to download any movie or series that is available, but to see it, you must have an active account on the device.

What does it offer specifically?

Virtually everything you can find on Netflix and / or HBO but for a much lower price. It also has a clean and simple interface that facilitates operation.

You no longer have an excuse to start enjoying the latest releases thanks to the free Netflix alternatives.