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First glimpse of the Nintendo Switch with Android

Today more than two years later, the Nintendo Switch is back. For many it has been a long period of time. Already after the discovery of the fault on the chipTegra X1 which is the one that mounted on the console only appeared afirst attempt(quite successful) to install Linuxinside of her.

Last February they were, instead, the first vestiges of a portability ofAndroidon the console, a hybrid ofNintendo,that today we read the firstpreviewdeXDA Developers. Surprisingly, at the limit of the possible, the Swtitch does a good job running the operating systemof Google and many of the applications are easily managed, thanks to the work of the developers ofBylawsand of his team.

How the Nintendo Switch works with Android

Let's start by saying that this Android applicationdoes not needbe installed on the device; it works by using aSD card,thus protecting users from the possible risks of loss of theguarantee.The main feature of dual mode (tablet / tv) is preserved, and thanks to its 3 USB ports you can also connectthe mouseYkeyboardto interact with the console.

XDA Developers Images

With the support of Android applications, it is able to offer all the classic entertainment experiences, such asNetflix, YouTubeYSpotifywithout any problem. The processor power also helps the switches in the management ofthe games,who do not suffer from lag or slowness of some kind, but, in many circumstances, there is a lack of support forjoycon, often unusable.

Despite the problems with the joycon can be fixed with software optimizations, you can't do anything to make up for the lack of some piecesof hardware,such asGPS, microphoneYcameraWithout these tools, it is impossible to use applications such as Snapchat, Google Duo,Pokmon Go,etc etc.


There is no release date yet,the official guide for the installation, but the developers are now in the final phase Finishing. We will inform you when more information comes out.