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Elton John presents his farewell concert tour in virtual reality

One of the most successful and influential musicians throughout his career, Elton John, recently announced that this will be his last concert tour. With the style that characterizes it, the announcement was made in a spectacular way, with a virtual reality exhibition that presents its entire musical trajectory, and the next tour ?Farewell Yellow Brick Road?, A whirlwind of 300 farewell concerts over just three years.

The event was held in Gotham hall in New York City, where more than one hundred journalists received glasses from Samsung Gear VR, and joined a worldwide broadcast audience to embark on a virtual reality trip throughout the singer-songwriter's run of the decades. The event ended with a short live performance by Elton John.

The video presents Elton John's first show in the United States in 1970 at the Troubadour from New York, as well as his legendary concert of Dodgers Stadium in 1975. Obviously, there are no virtual reality cameras to capture those events, so John turned to Spinifex's special effects experts to recreate the concerts and his musical career.

Using a combination of motion capture and CGI, Spinifex recreates John's entire career, using an actor to represent him when he was younger. ?It was one of the most amazing parts of the process, because we had the green screen session, and we recorded the Troubler on August 25 of last year, when his opening show was only two blocks from the road, ?said Spinifex CEO. Ben Casey "That happened 47 years before the day of our recording."

The team automatically recreates all the iconic singer's clothing sets and the evolution of their colorful lenses through the ages, to the smallest detail, to the last sequin. Even Elton John himself put on a motion capture platform to play 10 songs on the piano.

?This is not just technology for doing technology. The digital records we are capturing and creating will extend Elton's magic for generations to come, ?said Casey. "Great songs stand the test of time and we believe that reliving them in this way will allow people within 50 years to discover and experience the full impact of Elton's music."

Casey's team presented the final product to the singer and a select group of people at a party during the nominations of the Scar Awards in Los Angeles. Commemorating his career in virtual reality was not Elton John's idea, but he is certainly amazed at the result.

If you want to be part of the action, you can watch the six-minute virtual reality video through YouTube. It can be seen on Google Cardboard or Google Daydream, as well as in normal 2D video. If you have more time, you will have the possibility to watch a complete 34-minute video that presents live performances and virtual reality interviews.

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