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Download MyRealFood, the free Realfooding scanner app now

He Realfooding it is a movement that promotes food based on "real food", and MyRealFood seeks to help his followers with a food scanner app which provides information about its nutritional value.

MyRealFood scan the food barcode to classify it one of the three categories of Realfooding: real food (vegetables, vegetables, eggs, fish …), the good processed ones (packaged milk, canned beans, 70% dark chocolate …) and the ultra-processed ones (soft drinks, bowling, sausages …).

The Realfooding base is real food, and for that we do not need a scanner, because foods like a lettuce, a steak of meat or some potatoes do not generate doubts. They are traditional fresh products, without a list of ingredients and easily identifiable.

Image - Download MyRealFood, the free Realfooding scanner app now

MyRealFood scanner is more useful for differentiate the good processed, which can complement the daily diet, regarding the ultraprocessed, unhealthy products that we should only consume in a very timely manner (a dinner with friends, a birthday party …).

The rush to make the purchase usually make us confused. For example, a product like the classic ColaCao will be an ultraprocessed to avoid, as it has a large amount of sugar, while on the same shelf there will be some 100% defatted cocoa powder that will be a good ultra processed.

Another example will be the frozen ones, a bag of peas does not stop being real food that has simply been packaged or frozen, while a scrambled vegetable may be less recommended if low quality fats have been added, sugar that enhances the flavor or others unnecessary ingredients

Eat well instead of dieting

The MyRealFood app allows you to track our meals, but does not count the calories and the amount of the portions, unlike alternatives like MyFitnessPal. Simply classify the products according to the three categories of Realfooding, that is, real food, good processed or ultraprocessed.

This is because the movement claims that most people do not need a specific diet, just eat well. MyRealFood is not an app to lose weight, but incorporate a healthy eating in our lifestyle suppose we achieve a adequate weight over time.

Image - Download MyRealFood, the free Realfooding scanner app now

Therefore, the MyRealFood scanner also has a motivational function, for example, see that in a week we have not eaten any ultraprocessed.

Recipes of cooking and community realfooder

In the MyRealFood app we have a series of healthy cooking recipes with different approaches, user groups to share our advances or doubts, and the possibility of follow realfooders accounts, a bit like Instagram, but always oriented to health and nutrition.

In addition, the community is key to the operation of the food scanner. If a product is not in the database we can add it, and the application team will review it to incorporate it.

With the passage of time, the number of products included in the bar code scanner will grow, although at first we find quite a few absences.

If we are starting in Realfooding, be very useful help of a food scanner app, so worth trying MyRealFood and check if our diet is based on real foods, or there are too many products based on sugars, unhealthy fats and additives.

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What do you think of Realfooding? Do you think that common sense when eating is more important than following a complex diet?

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