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Does my Huawei phone have WPS?

The options offered by today's smartphones are countless. Many of them come and go without us noticing and when we want to use them we do not find them. That is why we are going to take a look at Huawei phones let's see if they count with WPS.

First of all, we have to see what is WPS and why it is important to have it located on our smartphone. As a summary concept, WPS is a technology developed for facilitate WiFi connections to home users.

What is WPS?

Connecting to a network with WPS is very simple, when a WiFi network has enabled it, connect us to be as simple as pressing a button on the router and entering the configuration section enabled for it on our smartphone. Detect then that there is a device that you want to connect and establish the connection without the need to enter the password.

Google removed WPS from Android 9

One of the functions that Google barri of Android 9 was the possibility of connecting through WPS. A technology according to the American giant was unsafe then let us connect to a network without knowing the password.

It is true that we will have to have physical access to the router to press the button and the smartphone itself, but the WPS 8-digit internal code is too weak for the security standards required today.

The most widespread current standard, WPA / WPA2, with complex alphanumeric passwords has been erected as method much safer than WPS, although also less comfortable because the default passwords are usually long and tedious to write.

WPS on Huawei phones

Although Google has removed WPS from its native Android, the manufacturers with their custom ROMs are the ones with the last word. Adding this type of functions does not involve much work for companies that seek to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market with their particular versions.

  1. Huawei Mobile with Android 9 and EMUI 9: In this combination of softwares we have been able to verify that it is WPS enabled.
  2. Huawei Mobile with Android 10 and EMUI 10: unlike the previous circumstance, here We did not find the WPS function enabled.

For know the version of EMUI and the Google operating system which has installed the Huawei phone you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings of your Huawei smartphone.

Image - Does my Huawei phone have WPS?

  1. Click on System (last option in the list).

Image - Does my Huawei phone have WPS?

  1. About the phone.

Image - Does my Huawei phone have WPS?

  1. Ah we will find the Android and EMUI version installed on our smartphone

Image - Does my Huawei phone have WPS?

Although the most direct way is entering the list of WiFi networks within our reach and see if any of them is labeled as WPS available on our Huawei mobile. Other brands decided to get rid of the WPS many versions ago but Huawei has considered keeping it until very soon to start upgrades to EMUI 10.

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