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Best OCR apps to scan documents with your Android phone

There are quite a few apps that allow you this but we have compiled the best ones to scan text. The app also called OCR (which stands forPictic Character Recognition). These are the best.

Microsoft Office Lens – The most classic

One of the most classic and that has more popularity.Microsft Office Lens It is one of the best options for scanning documents. Microsoft has long offered this option. With more than ten million downloads it has been one of those students and workers from all over the world have chosen to scan their documents.

The operation is easy, you just have to take the picture. Detect the edges of the photo and make you a clean document and you can save as PDF or as JPG.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner

Adobe Scan – The Adobe Alternative

But Adobe could not stay out. The big software company created its own OCR app. Adobe Scan It is the Adobe alternative. Apart from scanning you can also edit and put a little more in order, so that it is easier to read or so that the person who has to receive it has more accessible.

You have a search engine to make it easier to locate your files. You can scan business cards to save them directly to your contacts and lots of other apps.

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Adobe Scan: PDF digitizer, OCR

Adobe Scan: PDF digitizer, OCR

CamScanner – Simplicity by flag

And speaking of increasing popularity,CamScannerIt is one of the OCR apps for Android that are currently the most popular. It is a very popular app because of how easy it is to make your documents. You take the photo to the document, cut and also automatically put filters to make it more readable. You can also modify these filters later. You save them in PDF and you can share it via email or social networks. You can also hire your own 10GB cloud service (enough space for PDFs) and upload them there.

You can also search for words that are inside the document to make it easier to find what you need.

CamScanner - PDF Creator, Fax

CamScanner - PDF Creator, Fax

Simple Scan – With cloud, file manager and a long etctera

The next app is Simple scan. An app, which, as the name implies, wants the scan to be as simple and simple as possible. That's why it allows you to see the files inside the app, create folders, etc. As if it were a regular file browser.

You can automatically upload to the cloud and set it to only upload when you have Wi-Fi. Save to PDF, JPEG or both at the same time. You can also put filters to make it more readable, understandable or simply beautiful.

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