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Apple plans to empower Siri to get into the competition

In the career of voice assistants it is well known that the current kings are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with this last one being the leader between both in my opinion and with Cortana practically almost out of the game The only competitor left for these two is Apple Siri.

Apple has recently started moving its pieces on the board to focus more on the research of its voice assistant. He mentions that what they want to achieve in the future is to bring incremental updates that focus totally on put more to the project in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With this we could see Siri as Steve Jobs once thought, going beyond searching on the internet and achieving more human interactions such as conversation.

At the moment the first change is as regards the head of the project, ceasing to be Bill Stasior that still remains working for Apple to start a search for someone who manages to direct Siri right where Apple is projecting it in terms of AI and achieve to be a great competition for Google and Amazon.

In the course of the year we will see how things develop and how is this plan that Apple has begun to execute. He definitely doesn't want to withdraw from the play at least for now and fight.

T with which assistant do you stay? Give it to me in the comment box below, commenting is free.

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