Apple has launched a whole batch of videos to teach you how to use iPadOS

Apple has launched a whole batch of videos to teach you how to use iPadOS


Within the Apple range, there is a profile that needs a product that offers a greater response than a mobile terminal, but has a more restrained price than the Mac range. In this sense, the iPad comes to conquer a very specific public, something that is essential for the company.

Now, how to make the most of an alternative that is halfway between the options available by the Cupertino firm? iPadOS, the operating system designed for this product, is not always fully usable by the user.

That is why the brand has decided to launch a series of videos to show the strength of a device that is undervalued in relation to the rest of the range. Thanks to this kind of tutorials graphics, the public can get the most out of their device.

This first run of 4 videos comes to highlight some of the differential functions may well be overlooked by the customer at first. The productivity and user experience, after all, they are some of the main qualities of this product.

It's all about getting shortcuts and alternatives to enjoy everything iPadOS offers in order to be more efficient. That is why, among other solutions, you will learn how to use several tools or apps at the same time or how to set a full screen.

This move comes after checking how the iPhone 11 has won everything the prominence for its recent launch. As you can read on the Cult of Mac portal, it is expected that in the coming dates new videos will be incorporated related to all kinds of resources that, either you never remember to put into practice, or, you do not know.

From this first roll that is shown throughout the article, you know all the tricks of iPadOS or has any one surprised you in particular?