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Add or remove network drive mappings through Windows commands

Red Mapping

One more day, and to continue with this saga of articles, let's see how we can make a regular configuration of Windows IT administrators through the command line, a series of tricks that will allow us to automate a lot of tasks and prepare our equipment in a faster and easier way, since as you remember, to date we have been able to see how to configure the Internet Explorer homepage, how to activate the remote desktop, how to activate and configure the local administrator user, how to add a user to the administrators group and also how to configure the Windows firewall

Today we are going to see another typical configuration, that of map -or add- a network drive, thus ensuring that our network resources are correctly assigned to the letter we want and thus allowing the user to access them much more quickly and accurately.

To perform this trick, we just have to do the following:

  1. Open the CMD command console with or without administrator privileges
  2. Enter the following command:
    • net use letter: path To add a network drive
    • net use letter: / d To delete a network drive

CMD Network Mapping

As we can see in the screenshot, in our case we are mapping the test directory that is hosted on a PC in our network, to later remove it, achieving with the first command that this shared folder is available to the user in question at each start of session and subsequently managing to delete it definitively, thus releasing the drive letter.

At this stage You can already imagine the large number of tasks and actions that we can perform automatically thanks to the command console, a console that takes years and years between us and that today is still completely valid, fully functional and a great help for all those who have to manage an organization.

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