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WhatsApp allow messages to self-delete without a trace on Android phones

This new feature, known as Disappearing Messages, is not yet available and is being evaluated by Facebook Credit: Shutterstock

 plan to launch the function of
messages that disappear, a modality that allows those sent to a private or group chat to be automatically deleted after a period of time. This feature is not yet available in the service of
instant messenger
 , but arrive in the next updates of the Android application,
according to the WA Beta Info site.

A view of the function that allows you to delete messages automaticallyA view of the function that allows you to delete messages automatically Credit: Courtesy WA Beta Info

Disappearing messages are being evaluated in a trial version 2.19.275 of WhatsApp for Android, but it still cannot be activated and does not have a specific date of availability. According to the analysis of the specialized WA Beta Info site, any message will be available to use this function, both in private and group chats, and also
It can be used from WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp already has the function of
delete the sent messages, but leave a notification in the group or private chat, which can be done within seven minutes from the moment the content is published. In the case of "Disappearing Messages", the message disappears from the chat, leaving no trace after five seconds or an hour, the lapses that the company evaluates for this new feature.


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