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What to do if a file or directory has run out of permissions and cannot be accessed?

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In all companies, including small and medium enterprises, Having a file server or sharing information through the network is a very common situation, having to manage a series of permissions and access to these directories and files so that not all the staff have access to them and to make a controlled management of them.

This popular and widespread method works very well, but it is not exempt from system errors and much less from human errors, So given the situation, we can find that a certain directory or file has lost the permissions and we cannot do anything with it. and that is just what we are going to solve today.

Thanks to the possession of the directory and file, we will be able to re-manage all the permissions and regain control of theNow, to carry out the action that we are going to see today, we must have sufficient administrator privileges to be able to take possession of a file, since if we do not have them, our efforts will be useless.

As we say, the solution is to take possession of the directory or file, and This is done as follows:

  1. Right click on the item we want to take possession of and click on Properties
  2. Click on Security
  3. Click on Advanced Options, which is at the bottom.
  4. Click on Owner, which is the third pestaa.
  5. Click on Edit
  6. Click on Other users or groups … and select ours or the one we want
  7. Accept all

take possession

Having performed this action, we will have taken possession of the element and we will be able to add the permissions that we deem appropriate, giving access to the users and groups that will have access.

Thus, if you find yourself in the situation of having lost all the permissions on a directory or file, you already know that with these steps you can take possession of it and restore it to its original state, all without too much complication and just needing enough privileges.

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