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What is your Wi-Fi password? Share it easily with iOS 11

iPhone with iOS 11

Did you know that you can easily share your Wi-Fi connection with other people if you use iOS 11? Do not? Okay, according to our latest Twitter survey, you're not the only one.

The results of our recent Twitter survey show that almost half of respondents did not have the slightest idea that Apple introduced Wi-Fi sharing on iOS 11.

Although some routers They have the option of including special access for guests, these are still very few. Therefore, surely you are one of those people who have to rent a router with those long and complicated passwords, to your Internet service provider (ISP) to gain access to a Wi-Fi network.

Although you have access to change that password and make it something easier, many times you prefer to leave it as is to prevent any hacker from accessing your network. But what if a friend comes and asks you for the Wi-Fi password? Before, it will be very cumbersome to have to give it that complicated key but now, thanks to the iOS 11 Wi-Fi sharing feature, it is extremely easy and fast.

The first thing you should know is that both the person with whom you want to share the Wi-Fi connection and yourself, you need to have iOS 11 installed on the iPhone. In addition, you should also keep this person within your contacts. If, on the other hand, you want to share content with someone using a Mac, the situation is the same, except that you see a notification at the top right of the screen.

Once your guest appears in your contacts, the rest is a piece of cake. When your friend tries to connect to your Wi-Fi, you see a pop-up request on the screen of your iPhone that asks if you want to share your password with your friend's iPhone. Simply select the button Share Password and connect to your Wi-Fi. Ace of easy!

However, if at the moment you want to stop sharing the connection with that person, the way to do it is not so simple, since your only option is to change the password of the router. So be well with who you want to share your precious Internet.

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