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What is Do not disturb mode and how to configure it on your mobile

HeDo not disturb mode On mobile devices, as the name implies, it is focused on preventing us from being disturbed. Perfect, but in what way? Avoiding thesounds and notifications of all kinds for a certain time, and including exceptions for possible emergencies. Thus, we can prevent the mobile from ringing when we go to sleep, for example, but let it ring if a certain contact calls us.

When we do not want the mobile device to interrupt us we can put it in avin mode, for example, or let it only vibrate, among other options. But the ideal thing is to use theDo not disturb mode, for the peculiarities of its operation. The best, to understand how it works, is to start with its configuration and review all its options and possibilities:

This is how you do not disturb Android mode

First we will open the applicationSettings of our mobile device to access the section ofSound and, from there, open the sectionDo not disturb. Here are your options and settings, starting with the exceptions and continuing with the restriction of notifications, the default duration of this mode and the programming, as well as access to activation if we want to use it at that time.

In the first section we have the exceptions, that is, here we can configure that the Do not disturb mode,Although it is working, allow call notifications as long as it is from prominent contacts or repeated calls. And also, that sounds and notifications for messages are allowed. In exceptions, in addition, we can allow the sound of the alarm, touch screen touches, events and reminders.

If we access the Restrict notifications section, then we will see that when the Do not disturb mode is activated, we can have notifications but no sound, or notifications without sound or visual elements; In addition, there is a section for complete customization that allows us to block the power on the screen or hide the notification points in the apps, among many other details.

And lastly, the default duration and schedule sections allow us to control how long it will remain active –default- Do not disturb mode if activated manually –for example- from the quick settings bar. And, with different options, set when the Do not disturb mode has to be activated automatically. In this last case, among other schedules, we can set our sleep hours from Monday to Friday