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unveiled the design of all future models

In a few days Microsoft plans to announce new hardware products, among which the new versions of the equipment stand out Microsoft Surface (and it is not ruled out that a Bluetooth speaker arrives, by the way). Some images have been published that allow to know the design that these will have.

Three will be the models that update the Redmond company, and are the following: Surface Pro 7; Surface Laptop 3; and as, Surface 7 that will have a variant with ARM processor (highly anticipated by users for the wide options offered in sections such as the autonomous compared to Intel chip equipment). One of the things that are very clear in all models is that, for the moment, the design be quite continuous as it shows that the frames of all models do not lower their dimensions in excess, so there is still work to be done in this section if everything is confirmed. Obviously, everyone will have Windows 10 operating system.

One of the great novelties that will be part of the new range of Microsoft Surface equipment is that in this generation DisplayPort port disappears of the devices. And this is not bad news since it does so that the arrival of USB Type C is finally a reality in the products of the company led by Satya Nadella, something that is so necessary to adapt to the times that are expected as there are more and more accessories that are compatible (including monitors).

Microsoft logo with blue background

Some specific details of each new version of Microsoft Surface

We start with Surface Pro 7, the model designed directly to compete with iPad Pro, and what it has to do with its design is very clear that two of the bezels will be especially thick. This should be improved if it is finally a reality, since the integrated screen is not used as much as possible. The case is that a great advance is not appreciated aesthetically, so you have to think that the arrival of Intel Core i9 processors Be the most remarkable advance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 design

In what has to do with the 13 and 15-inch versions of Surface Laptop 3, now the models will be completely metal without the Alcntara finish so it has been seen. You can also see a increase in touchpad dimensions integrated and it seems that the Surface Connect connection remains present.

"Microsoft "Micirosoft

Finally, the new Surface 7 comes with the smallest frames (and with rounded corners) of the three models that Microsoft announced in a couple of days, and have a ARM version since use a Qualcomm processor. It does not lack USB type C. Everything indicates that it has a place to place the stylus to be compatible on the device itself. A final detail: it is possible that the Redmond company has an additional model, of which there are no images, since it may have a double screen. We'll see if this is confirmed in New York.