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Twitter present the total dark mode on Android in September

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<p><strong>The dark mode was coming to Twitter on iOS in March</strong> of this year. It is expected that this mode is also launched for users on Android, as we have already learned. At the moment we have to settle for a night mode, but the total dark mode is about to arrive. Although there are still a couple of months left for it.</p><div class=

Since nor it will be until September when Twitter users on Android They can have this function. His vice president confirms that there is still a wait, and they also give the reasons why users in the Google operating system have to wait until this arrives.

The reason given is simply that It has been a matter of priority. Although the number of Android phones is greater, since Twitter has given priority to iOS for the introduction of this function in its application. While Android users wait six months until it arrives.

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<p>An argument that does not convince many, but that is simply reality. Fortunately, <strong>the wait is already quite short</strong>. This total dark mode is expected to arrive throughout the month of September. So the wait is more than a month in this case, until it is official.</p>
<p>Twitter has not given specific dates, beyond the month of September. So in this regard we hope to have more news from you. Be <strong>one of the many applications on Android to make use of this dark mode</strong>, especially powered by Google in these past months.</p>
<p><strong>The dark mode is already very common in Android</strong>, even the operating system itself will have it natively. So that Twitter makes use of it is news that many people like. We hope to hear about the date this mode will arrive in the application.</p>
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