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Train Station 2 is a freemium railroad management game

Train Station 2 is a new freemium game that allows you to create a whole railroad empire, but yes, you will have to pay or use your life time to be able to evolve trains, stations and those essential elements to be able to continue progressing properly.

As your development team mentions, Train Station 2 is a very different thing from the first. If in one we could emphasize that we did not need our card or time to progress, in this the thing changes and is adapted to these times that have touched us with the freemium.

Railways to me!

We already know that we carry a few titles in these past weeks in which we have not cut anything in criticizing them for that excessive way of treating users as if they were customers. That is, they do not cut themselves into getting us fully into different energy systems that usually lead to the uninstallation of the game, unless this is the pear and deserves to be played.


We can put the case of PUBG Mobile. A free game that thanks to your cosmetic objects are able to monetize it, although if we go through the loot boxes we will have to spend a pasture on it. Be that as it may, it allows us to enjoy a huge game without spending a euro, so they show us a way. But of course, we talk about a great game as a base.

In Train Station 2 we also have a good base, although it departs from the expected, since although let's have high rise graphics, the gameplay is lost in those loading times in order to properly operate our railway station. If our railway station is not operational because we are waiting for such ore or something to be built, the game stops and the experience disappears, and is this what we want to achieve with a game?

Be a railroad tycoon in Train Station 2

The idea of ??Train Station 2 is that you become the manager of a large multitude of railway stations, you have in your possession a good number of trains and you can manage between different cities to carry goods from one place to another.

Train Station 2 on Android

At the beginning we will start with the typical station and that train that we have to take to another to take the coal and return it back. The idea is that you establish trade routes and you can start collecting the hundreds of famous royal trains, collect raw materials and take them to customers.


The raw material is vital in the evolution of your empire, so you will have to try to supply all customers you can So knowing new customers is vital to get this train simulator in which the graphics stand out above the average and in which coordinating the different trains is of vital importance.

Move through different cities

Another point of Train Station 2 they are the different cities which you can access and establish trade routes. Not only is the thing here, but you can participate in monthly events and cooperate with other players in those events. That is, that the thing looks great whenever you know how to do a freemium that wastes our time or our card if we have enough liquidity in our bank; something that developers will love.

Loot box

Technically it is a very nice game from the beginning, although the first minutes with the tutorial can become a mess. We say it because sometimes the screen goes away and we don't know very well where to throw. For the rest it is a game that stands out and tries to take advantage of our mobile resources to enjoy a train simulator.

With Train Station 2 we are facing a train simulator in which for fans of this type of games will be a great arrival. Of course, provided that the freemium is ignored and that proof of asking for money in exchange for improvements. Small times those of the good simulators.

Editor's Opinion

Train station 2

  • Editor rating
  • 3 star rating


  • Good graphics
  • Your management


  • Freemium
  • The tutorial bundles you

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