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These are the only two cases for the Samsung Galaxy Fold

When we buy a new cell phone we usually also buy a separate case to protect it from daily rattling (if it does not come with the smartphone itself, as in some models). Thinking about carcasses has come to mind … And how will Samsung to make covers of its new Galaxy Fold? Remember that it is about a folding device and, a priori, it is not so simple to approach a design of these characteristics from the point of view of a case manufacturer.

So to quench our curiosity, and by the way to resolve the doubt that may interest you, we have made some searches and this is what we have found.

The minimum is to protect a mobile that will cost you 2000

covers for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is ready to start marketing the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A thorough review after some failures in the press units delayed the launch of the peculiar smartphone, which this September 6 was finally launched in South Korea. At the time of writing these lines No specific details are known about its sale in Spain (expected in mid-October), but passes like France, Germany or the United Kingdom will receive it on September 18.

What we know something else is from its covers; Although it seems that external brands have not yet gotten to work – remember that many manufacturers design and even sell their housings before the mobile itself is launched, in fact they are usually a source of leaks – Samsung s It has been agreed to develop a couple of covers.

Aramid fiber case included in the Samsung Galaxy Fold case

Notably a case is included with the Samsung Galaxy Fold aramid fiber (kevlar) which, according to the company, is resistant to light weight. From the photos, you can get an idea of ??how they have solved the "inconvenience" of having a hinge: Apparently, the case will not be one piece, but two.

Regardless, each piece covers the part that is divided by the hinge, so that it is exposed to be able to fold and unfold freely. It is striking that the front covers practically all the glass except the screen, cameras / sensors and the speaker.

Premium calfskin covers for sale for Samsung Galaxy Fold

On the other hand, Samsung also makes available another case, it is already for sale separately, made in leather «with premium calfskin colors». The design is the same as the one mentioned above, but with leather texture.

In addition, you can choose in white or black, although the South Korean firm warns that availability may vary depending on the country.

What we still do not know is the price of this model, although seeing its characteristics does not seem especially economic; Go in line with the price of the terminal, most likely.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold hover around 2000 when you arrive in Spain (512GB model) and your 5G compatible model will rise to 2100.