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The new tvOS evolve Apple TV thanks to Siri

After the announcement of the new iOS 10, macOS and WatchOS 3 in which Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, made the leap between platforms taking an important relevance. It was expected that these powerful new features would also be reflected in the Apple TV and its tvOS operating system. Now our Apple TV will be able to search more applications like YouTube, where we may be able to locate the topics that interest us most by doing the entire process of searching and watching a video much faster and easier. In addition, Apple has introduced the new "Login" with which we will only have to identify once and all APPS and video channels will automatically log in (Bye Bye user and password).

«The future of television is apps. Siri on Apple TV has transformed our interaction with television, and the new features will allow users to continue accessing what they want to see faster »

«Users can enjoy more than 6,000 apps on Apple TV, including more than 1,300 video channels, which give even more play with Siri's new features and the start of the session.»

Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple Software and Internet Services

As the news of the new tvOS are a few and they will put our Apple TV Fourth generation on another level. We have decided to go one by one to not leave any of its new benefits.

tvOS and Apple TV

Siri on tvOS

The new options and power of Siri now allow searches of more than 650,000 movies and episodes. A virtual assistant that greatly improves everything we can do so far including:

  • Search by subject: Do you want to see car documentaries? Ask Siri. Do you prefer nineties comedies? Your wishes are orders What do you want to watch basketball movies? She is there for whatever you want.
  • Search on YouTube: The world's largest video portal integrates with Siri and Apple TV so we can search for "Battles of Roosters on YouTube" videos (We talk about RAP and Hip Hop), and you can watch them directly on Apple TV.
  • Access to Direct Channels: Why go crazy with the remote control if you can ask Siri to put you "RedBull TV"?
  • Check the HomeKit accessories: Yes, gentlemen, the time has come to tell Siri thanks to Apple TV, turn off the lights, turn on the air conditioning or raise the blinds. Because the future is today, futurize with Siri.

Apps and ms Apps

Developers are turning to create applications for Apple TV, the future according to Apple on television. An opinion that nothing is misleading, since it allows customization to the maximum of the channels that we can be able to erase or install as we please, forgetting the television packages with hundreds of channels dedicated to fishing or free marujeo.

Now the television thanks to the applications allows us to exercise, plan a trip, play, buy, learn to cook, watch movies, etc … From the comfort of our homes. And this is nothing more than the tip of iceberg, since Apple gives new tools to developers for tvOS like:

  • ReplayKit which allows developers to record and broadcast live from their APPS.
  • PhotoKit that give access to photos and videos of iCloud to third-party APPS.
  • HomeKit, which allow developers to create APPS to control home automation devices in our homes
  • possibility of connect four controls at the same time to Apple TV to increase the fun.

New features of tvOS

  • Apple launches a new application "Remote" for iOS with which to control the Apple TV capable of using Siri, with touch navigation and to play.
  • New "Dark Mode" or dark mode that facilitates a suitable environment for the cinema … Or because you want to activate it.
  • The Apps that we install on our iPhone or iPad and that are universal, will be downloaded automatically on our Apple TV
  • Only when you have to write on Apple TV ?, Now a keyboard appears on Apple TV also appear on your iOS device to write as fast as you want.
  • Apple Music has been redesigned as in iOS 10 and macOS facilitating its handling.
  • The Photos App also includes the "Memories" system on tvOS. A unique way our most special moments.