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The Google Pixel 4 will include an exclusive Pokmon minigame developed alongside Nintendo

Pokemon Pixel 4 game

If you were looking for reasons to buy the new Pixel 4, Google and Nintendo may have found the key. Since 9to5Google have discovered that the company's new phones will exclusively feature a new Nintendo minigame, with which Google intends to demonstrate the capabilities of Soli technology which, among other things, enables control by gestures in the air without touching the device.

The minigame in question, called "Pokmon Wave Hello", serve to familiarize yourself with the gestures supported by the Soli radar, through Pokmon illustrated on the screen that will interpret the movements made by hand on the sensor and act accordingly.

However, it is likely that this application can be ported to other devices – and in fact, they have done so in 9to5Google to capture the demonstration under these lines -, since in case of not detecting the Soli radar, the movements can be carried out through gestures by touching the screen.

As far as we know, it is possible to choose between five different Pokmon: Pikachu, Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey and Eevee, see information about them and observe how they interact according to our gestures. The minigame also includes audio, which can be activated or deactivated in the settings.

In addition to being a fun demonstration of Soli's capabilities, the app will aim to Promote the launch of Pokmon Sword and Shield, the new title of the franchise whose launch is scheduled for November 15 on Nintendo Switch.

This has not been the only big leak on the Pixels 4 with only two weeks left to present the phones. A few minutes ago, we could see with great detail the next version of the Google Assistant, with renewed design and new features, to debut with the Pixel 4 next October 15 at the event that will take place in New York.

Image | 9to5Google

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