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the game that will get all the juice out of your mind

game capture 94%

Whenever I find some game worthy of being played and that also hooks I like to bring it so that everyone can know it. In this case, investigating for the Google Play games section, I found a very addictive game, with which we have to think if we want to continue playing and that we can play on all devices.

Yes, the game has that name, 94%. And very soon you will discover why. This is a game in which we have to answer with a series of words to a question that the game itself raises. It has a very clean and simple interface, in which it is easy to interact, in addition we will not have many sections, so it is Very simple to play.

When we play it for the first time, show us how we have to do it, so you won't have much trouble keeping up. The dynamics of the game is to complete a series of words, through an initial clue. Every word we complete will add the number assigned as a percentage, and when we have completed all the words, we will have the figure of 94% completed Hence the name.

As you can see the track can be almost anything, from parts of a plant, to professions that we want to be small. We have an authentic arsenal of words and clues throughout the 20 levels the game has. In each level there are 3 sections that we must complete, So there are 3 tracks per level. Usually one of them is always an image, which sometimes will make you eat your head to get something clear. With completing a single track we can access the next level, but if the game hooks you like me, I already tell you that you will try to complete each track of all levels.

game capture 94% track

I have not noticed that the difficulty is increasing as we go, but this is because since we started the game makes us get the most out of us. But if any word resists us, we can spend the coins They give us an extra clue to know what word to choose.

In general, a game quite addictive, but complicated at the same time. To get the most out of us and in some moments leave us blank. But that s, when you take the point, it becomes a little easier.

94% | Google Play

You have played? What do you think?