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the cross game comes between PS4 and Xbox One

He PlayersUnknown?s Battlegrounds (or PUBG, to shorten) is one of the most massive and played games in the panorama of shooters, and the world of video games in general. Available on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Android and other platforms, this battle royale occupied the gap that Fortnite He came to fill a couple of years ago, but they did not overthrow the PUBG at all.

It is evident that, after the appearance of Fortnite, the PUBG is having to adapt and trying to recover the piece of the cake that the company of Epic Games has taken away. To do this, and as announced in August, PUBG has just released the update 4.3, in which, in addition to other advantages, players are allowed to Playstation 4 Y Xbox One play in same servers.

PlayersUnknown's Battleground Survival Mastery

In this new patch, players can enter the same matchmaking To play alone. Of course, they cannot form a group with others for cooperative games. As PUBG Corp. says, this is still on its road map for future updates. This new functionality does not include PC players. In addition, console exclusions may be made if you do not want to play with players from the opposite platform.


Other news of the new update 4.3 are the ways of Survival Teacher, a new weapon (DBS) and some interface improvements. In addition to this, new objects have been added and Halloween themed skins, the Zombie Mode has been improved and certain improvements have been implemented in the game techniques, referring to the impact and balancing of the shotguns.

PUBG brings new skins in 4.3

While it is true that they share many similarities, and that they are direct competition, the PlayersUnknow?s Battleground and the Fortnite They are two titles with palpable differences. First, the game system is different. While Fortnite is a game in which the platform on which it is played does not matter (your progress is always maintained), PUBG keeps progress and your data only on the platform on which you play. This may be a compelling reason for many users.

Secondly, and finally, the aesthetic difference between both games While one evokes seriousness, the other outlines a more casual and casual aesthetic. In addition, the greater variety of maps that the PUBG offers contrasts with the only battle royale territory available in Fortnite. Of course, the latter has the ability to build.