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The best applications to make funny and personalized GIFs

apps to make GIFs

You are not good with words? Quiet, that's why GIFs have come to this world. With these graphic formats you can not only communicate, but also do it in a unique and fun way. However, it happened to you that you can't find the ideal GIF for what you want to express? To us too. But, to help you solve this problem, we have decided to make a list of the best applications to make personalized GIFs, which you will love. Do you want to know what they are and how they work?

Websites and computer software
one is a very useful and aesthetic site that allows you to create a GIF in a very easy way. To start, you just have to paste the URL of the video you want to use as the basis for your GIF. The site currently supports YouTube, Instagram and Vine, or, rather, the Vine file (R.I.P.), and users can also upload their own video files.

Once you have chosen your material, you will arrive at a simple editor. Select the frames you want to convert into a GIF, using the timeline below the video. Then, if you wish, add a title, stickers and some effects. There is even a single clip ?thug life? option, if you want a meme set in 2009.

Once you've finished tweaking things, it's time to share your GIF with the world. You can use the URL provided or download the GIF to upload it again to another site.


GIF Maker by Giphy

For a long time, Giphy has been the default search option for most popular GIFs, since its library is endless. However, Giphy GIF Maker allows you to create and share your creations easily and quickly.

Simply choose the original material you want to use, which can be located on YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy Links, and select only the part you want to convert into a GIF. It is worth noting that, if you wish, you can also add subtitles in your GIF.

The process does not take much time, and the resulting GIFs are instantly loaded into Giphy. From there, you can share them, download them directly or modify them using various tools. For example, you can convert a collection of still images into a GIF, or edit any of the existing GIFs on the website.


And then I was like

The two tools mentioned above are excellent if you want to use existing material to create a GIF, but want to create original content? Then you should definitely use And then I was like

This website turns your computer's web camera into a machine to create GIFs, and the truth is very easy to use. Just go to the site, click on ?I want to make a GIF?And enable your webcam.

Then, choose which of your recorded frames you want to keep and go! You can now share your GIF. You can then copy the URL provided, or download the GIF for your own use.


Screen To GIF

With Screen To GIF, you can select a part of your screen and record everything that happens in that specific area, or at least that is the idea. The software works like a Windows application, to make the creation of GIFs simpler. First, you must open the program, so you can see all the options.

Then, you can see the first option, called Tape recorder, which allows us to choose a region of the screen to record. The second, Webcam, it offers you the possibility of recording a GIF using the camera of your computer. The third is Board, which allows you to record your drawing and the Editor, It lets you edit existing GIFs.

To start, click on Tape recorder. You see a window with a frame, which you can resize to select the desired part of the screen.

Set it on the video you want to convert into a GIF, or on the region of the screen you want to record. Then, when you're ready, press the button Record. Click stop when you have what you want and then move to the edit screen.

From there, you can delete sections of your recording and do other things like, add subtitles. A tape-based interface means that Microsoft Office fans will feel at home.