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Surface SQ1, the ARM Qualcomm chipset of the Microsoft Surface Pro X »ERdC

Surface SQ1, the ARM Qualcomm chipset of the Microsoft Surface Pro X

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It has been difficult for Windows devices to break free from Intel's reach in terms of hardware platform for your laptops and even Windows tablets. However, Microsoft is making a new attempt away from Intel with the 13-inch Surface Pro X. This product is a new tablet with Windows whose hardware platform is a customized version of a Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM based. The custom chipset has received the name of Surface SQ1. In addition to the recently launched Surface Pro 7, it can be argued that this is the true new flagship among this line of tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro X with Qualcomm ARM chipset

The Surface Pro X offers key features of the Surface Pro 7 along with other extras that make it in one of the most interesting 2-in-1 devices that will be released in 2019. As for the design, the Surface Pro X is the thinnest of the new ads with only 5.3mm thick and weighing 762 grams, which is impressive if we consider some of the advanced features offered.

The screen has expanded from a 12-inch panel on the old Surface Pro to a 13 inch screen. According to the company, it offers the thinnest bezels on any 2-in-1 laptop. It has a resolution of Resolution 2880 1920 pixels, which gives you 267ppi. There is a new one stylus Surface Slim Pen located on the keyboard, and there is even a wireless charge on board.

Surface SQ1 Chipset

The big surprise is that the Surface Pro X It has two USB-C ports on the single port of the Surface Pro 7. However, the big news has to be the Surface SQ1 processor mentioned above. Jointly designed by Microsoft and Qualcomm, it's a 7W chipset, compared to 2W of most ARM processors, and offers 2 teraflops of power. Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro X provides 3 times more power per watt than the Surface Pro 6.

Together with the SQ1 there is a AI accelerator which provides impressive levels of computing power. While it is difficult to say exactly what it is used for, Microsoft gave the example of being able to correct eye contact during video calls. It is a very important feat, especially considering that it uses 50 times less energy than a standard GPU.

However, the most important question remains if the SQ1 could offer comparable power to a traditional x86 processor. The answer to that question is what will eventually determine how well Surface Pro X works in the market. The device now available to book today, with a release date of November 5 for the price of $ 999.

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