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Starfall returns to Pokmon GO: all the details

Pokmon GO

Pokmon GO It currently has a large mass of players, who are accustomed to the arrival of news to the application of augmented reality. Recently, the star work of Niantic confirm changes focused on Coach Fights and announced the landing of the fifth generation. Now Pokmon GO has reported the Return of the Starfall for a limited time.

Through a statement on its official blog, the team responsible for Pokmon GO has announced the arrival of Stardust everywhere. That is, new and exciting Star Powder bonus will arrive soon so you can boost and exchange Pokmon in the popular mobile game.

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Specifically, the Starfall will take place until the next October 10, 2019 and a series of bonuses will be held. For example, Pokmon GO players will receive the Double Star Dust by eclosin, by capture and in the battles against Team GO Rocket.

Double Stardust by eclosin and capture

But that's not all, since Pokmon GO also guarantees players 2,000 Stardust in the raids. Some bonuses that reach their prime time before disappearing again. With this new event players can now prepare to enjoy the hatching, battles and raids.

As always, do not forget be alert to your surroundings to avoid any danger and not to disturb others while playing Pokmon GO. A game that has been some than others problems for users of a Xiaomi, although the company already works to solve it.

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