Sonic 4, episode II for free on Google Play

Sonic 4, episode II for free on Google Play

Sega continues to add more games to its Sega Forever collection, a compilation that offers for free some of the mythical company classics for free. In this case, the game that is available for free is Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Episode II.

Run at full speed with Sonic 4, episode II, now free

Sonic is one of the unforgettable classics of the nineties, and for years he has starred in several titles. This is a video game franchise that became famous for its colorful scenarios, in addition to its dizzying speed.

Sega has joined his free games collection Sonic 4, episode II. It is a game in which we will have to run at full speed through its fantastic scenarios, in order to thwart Dr. Eggman's plans. A game that despite being part of a mythical saga, is a recent release (of 2012) that knows how to preserve its essence.

One of the characteristics that we like most about this title is that since it is a classic, we will have the option to play it as in the old days. We talk about the command connection, since if you have a bluetooth controller you can take advantage of it to play it with a remote control instead of playing on the screen, something that we like improves the experience in such a fast-paced game.

The game has gone to free mode, although it does not get rid of advertisements, which we can withdraw at a price of 2.29 euros. Perhaps the most curious thing about this new free title is that it is the second part of a title whose first part is still in paid version on Google Play.

Fortunately, these arcade titles they also don't have a deep history to make it mandatory to play them in strict order, so we recommend you try episode II, and if you like it, you buy episode I or wait for Sega to make it available for free.