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Share your local resources through the Windows remote desktop

Remote Desktop

The remote desktop, or RDP, is a machine access technique used by millions of users and IT technicians across the globe to access equipment that is far from our physical reach or even to connect to equipment that is in other countries without displacement.

There is no doubt that it is a fairly improvable technology, with many limitations and that nothing has evolved in the last decade, in fact, I dare to say that since Windows XP has not changed at all, But still, it is used daily by millions of people and I will see a trick in relation to this type of connection.

The idea is, that Once we connect to the equipment in question, we can access our local resources, such as our hard drive, our DVD player or our printers, thus making the experience of operating the remote machine much more satisfactory.

To achieve our goal, we just have to do the following:

  1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application
  2. Click on Show options, which is located in the lower left.
  3. Click on Local Resources, which is the third pestaa.
  4. In the section of local devices and resources, click on Ms …
  5. Select those resources we want
  6. Accept all

Local Resources

By configuring these parameters before connecting, we will ensure that once we have connected to the remote machine in question, our local resources that we have selected are available on the device we have just accessed and they will be ready for use, but we must bear in mind that if the connection is made through a network that suffers from slowness or we connect to other countries, we may see a certain delay in making use of these resources that we have added.

Therefore, if you usually work with RDP, Today we have brought you a good configuration that will make your connection something simpler.

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