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Rumor points to an Xbox without a disk drive

In the last couple of years the last generation of video game consoles has given us a lot of conversation. They have managed to draw our attention to the multiple versions that bring to the market, that if the capacity, that if the power, that the size, playability, etc. The thing is that they have not materialized an entire console, but have taken the basis of one to add a better feature.

Will Xbox have something new for E3 2019?

It has already been made known that Sony not participating next year at E3 and that sets the standard for the competition to want to take the lead in the market. The above leads us to the information provided by Thurrott which indicates that quiz Microsoft is working on an Xbox One that will do without the Blu-ray disc drive.

It is worth mentioning that it won't be a new generation, but as we mentioned before, we will be seeing only one version without the disk drive, but with the same software inside.

Here is the point where the complaints of all users who have a lot of physical games and even knowing that an application for the digitization of these will be launched I think that this is no problem that affects them since they have a console with reader. In case they had to buy another one, The version with disk reader is still available.

Incredible price accessibility

The most interesting thing about this new version is that its price will fall considerably to about 200 dollars, which allows more people to access the console. I can't help thinking about what this sounds like and it looks a lot like a gamer PC, just without the peripherals, right?

What do you think? Do you think this rumor is true? See you in the comments.