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reveals its possible design and new functions

More and more rivals that have headphones on the market Apple AirPods and, therefore, it is completely logical that the Cupertino company reacts with the arrival of the third generation of this accessory that has worked so well in the market. Well, some information about what to offer the new generation of this product.

One of the great news that is expected in the third version of the headphones of the firm led by Tim Cook is that they integrate noise cancellation, something already offered by many of the rivals it has in the market such as those announced yesterday by Microsoft and, of course, the Galaxy Buds offered by Samsung. In addition, the option chosen is expected to be the active (ANC) and, therefore, that it is really effective in all kinds of situations. This, which is positive, has a direct implication in what has to do with the design.

A new design for the third generation of Apple AirPods

As are now the independent headphones offered by Apple, the company seems to be unable to offer a good quality noise cancellation, so you will have to modify the lines It offers to get it. They will not stop being "stick" type but the element in which the speakers are different in shape so that they adapt better to the users' ear. And, from what has been seen in some images, there is a detail that is really interesting: in this generation rubber bands will be used. The truth is that, if so, to be most interesting to see how they are used, according to the data that is available, it will be placed at the end of the product.

Image third generation Apple AirPods

And how is it known that there will be a design change in the headphones? Well, although it may seem a lie, this has been known due to existing data in the iOS 13.2 beta, specifically in an icon that will be used for Apple AirPods and that little or nothing has to do with the current and clearly show that there will be new lines in this accessory. By the way, if you intend to explore in the development of the company, the specific reference has the code B298 and is located in the Configuration folder (in the Accessibility section).

Possible Apple AirPods design

Possible arrival of the new Apple headphones

As usual in the Cupertino firm we have some concrete data, but it is not ruled out that for mid october or beginning of November – there is an event of the company in which, among other things, the new Apple AirPods arrive since, as we have indicated before, the competition that it has in the market is increasing. Other options that are believed to offer the new accessory is an improved protection against water and an optimization in what has to do with use by voice.