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Google Play PassIt has been launched, at the moment, in the United States. And there the price is$ 4.99, but in Spain it will translate –when available, later- in4.99 euros a month. It is a subscription service, as is evident, and its catalog reaches up to350 games and applications among which titles such asMonument Valley. This catalog, which will be updated and extended little by little, will also be a place for photography, health or lifestyle apps among many others, as they have advanced since the Mountain View company. And the intention, indeed, is to have?Much more than games?.

Play Pass now available: Google ?press? and make the most of videogames

Although it seems only an answer to Apple Arcade, the truth is thatGoogleIt takes time preparing not onlyGoogle Play Passbut alsoStadia, its?Another bet? for videogames In this case, a platformcloud for multiplatform video games in streaming. But returning to the Play Pass, what is special about this service? On the one hand, that the subscription give us access to a catalog –for now- 350 games and applications, and on the other hand that besides paying $ 4.99by payment software, with significant savings, we will take off the Ads and in-app purchases.

The service can be shared with up to five family members and, if we want to try the service, we will leave for $ 1.99 per month –during the first year and with a term of10 days free trial. When we become members of the service, in the Google Play Store we will find new sections related to outstanding applications, as well as personalized recommendations based on our tastes. At the moment, that is, we do not know when to reach other countries, although it should happen in the coming weeks.

At the launch there is no game or application exclusively for Play Pass subscribers, but from Google they have stated that they intend to also offer this advantage to their users in the future. Quiz with early access, as in the beta program, with exclusive rewards or, indeed, with games and apps that are available only to those who pay the monthly fee for the Play Pass service.