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New Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, the premium convertible

A portable PC, a tablet, both The war in the convertible segment or 2 in 1, is at a solid point and Samsung does not want to yield a single millimeter in a segment in which it is frankly well positioned. It was at the beginning of 2017 when the South Korean firm presented its Notebook 9 Pen, a convertible that, as such, could be used as a laptop or as a tablet on which to make notes with its S Pen styles. Well, almost two years later, the firm raises the bet with a new version of the team that maintains its same name: Samsung Notebook 9 Pen.

samsung notebook 9 pen

The manufacturer refers to it as a premium 2-in-1 PC that, having the S Pen integrated as in the original version, becomes a perfect tool for those who want flexibility when working.

"Choice and creativity go hand in hand, and those who create content deserve the flexibility to work as they want, wherever inspiration comes," says YoungGyoo Choi, senior vice president and head of Samsung's PC business team. ?With an improved design and performance, along with the most advanced S Pen to date, the new Notebook 9 Pen is perfect for very demanding contemporary professionals with what technology can offer.

A premium 2 in 1

A simple glance at the team clarifies the possible doubts: Samsung is heading to the premium segment of the category with a body with an aluminum finish and a careful aesthetic with an ?Ocean Blue? color to fall in love at first sight. The manufacturer insists that despite its metallic finish, the equipment is lightweight for mobile users, and in this regard, it is important that it is essential to have the S Pen integrated into the PC body itself. And now that we mention this peculiar optical pencil, Samsung has wanted to take advantage of this new version to bring news in this peripheral.

The S Pen does not need to be charged and this can be an interesting advantage over its potential rivals who, at some point in the process, need to connect to the charger. The stylus comes well integrated into the body, which makes it difficult to lose it. However, it seems that Samsung still does not amend one of the critical aspects that we find in the previous version: the S Pen, because of its size, is more intended to be used on a smartphone than on a computer.

It is a matter of size, but those who are going to make a lot of annotations should take this into consideration. Beyond that, the S Pen has all the advantages of the menu that is activated by pressing (Galaxy Note users know it well), and on the other hand, you can download apps that take full advantage of the possibilities of the device, such as Nebo, available in the Microsoft Store for $ 7.99 dollars.

Regarding the specifications, we are facing an eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor that moves the operating system (Windows 10 Home) and apps without problems, and the most travelers will appreciate its powerful battery, which allows up to 15 hours of use without going through the plug. The equipment, on the other hand, allows fast charging and can be unlocked using the face or with a fingerprint; In regards to the ports, it has 3 Thunderbolt connectors and supports Gigabit Wi-Fi.

The equipment arrives in two versions of 13 and 15 inches (measuring 307.9 X 206.2 X 14.9 mm and 347.9 X 229.1 X 16.9 mm. Respectively) and will start selling from an unspecified date of 2019 and at a price that has not yet released the manufacturer.

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