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Movie review: Alfa | Tecnocat

What do you see in this movie?

It is a shoot that focuses on adventure, survival and in particular in the tribes of the last ice age, we are talking about a movie where we will see the weakest rivals fall and we will see an alliance between two different species that come together forces for a specific objective. Alfa is a film that teaches you that a leader is not born is made, through a risky and adventurous adventure we will see how a wolf and a human get to help each other when in fact one should be the food of the other. Therefore in this shoot you will find adventure Y action.


In the last Ice Age, an pica adventure emerges that few can believe. Europe, 20,000 years ago. While participating in his first hunt with the lite group of his tribe, a young man is injured and is abandoned. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself alone and badly hurt, so he must learn to survive and dominate the rough and unforgiving nature. With intelligence and courage, he tames a lone wolf separated from his pack and they both learn to trust each other by becoming allies who overcome countless dangers coupled with the deadly winter. And the rest is history since We do not want to ruin your exit to the cinema.

For whom is the film recommended?

It should be noted that the film is classification «A» which means that it is suitable for all public in general, but we advise you not to take your young children since we are sure that the plot bores them, we consider that this film is more appropriate for teenagers and obviously for adults who like shootings that revolve around the action Y adventure.

Rating: 8.5

We decided to grant this qualification since we undoubtedly consider that the changes of the scene where there are open shots of the landscapes look quite false. The technology of cinema today gives more, especially to make those kinds of scenes where landscapes look more realistic something that without a doubt "Alpha" I do not achieve at all, it should be noted that it is only a few shots where we found this problem since in general the other shots are well achieved. On the other hand, the script was to our total liking, except the end that was quite unexpected and we could say that a bit absurd. It should be noted that the rating is granted under the team criteria Tecnocat So we suggest that you do not get angry if we do not consider what you think or think as it goes without saying that we all look different.

Original title: Alpha (United States 2018)Classification: TOCategory: Action and adventureDuration: 96 minutes

Credit and castActors: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Jhannes Haukur Jhannesson Directors: Albert Hughes

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