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Mario Kart Tour is about to reach 100M downloads

Mario Kart Tour is about to reach 100M downloads

Surely nobody will surprise you if we confirm that Mario Kart Tour is a hit, practically everything Nintendo touches in recent times is, but it is that the figures handled by the last title of the Japanese company on mobile platforms are little less than overwhelming.

In fact, it was since last year or one of the most anticipated games of this course, at least with Call of Duty: Mobile, but while Activision's title achieved 3 million downloads in its first day in stores, Mario Kart Tour numbers soar until 90.1 million downloads in its first week on Android and iOS.

Once again, we talked with data provided by Sensor Tower, which qualifies the launch of Nintendo as the fastest in history on mobile platforms in terms of number of downloads, staying at the gates of about 100 million downloads to reach imminently.

As for Nintendo games for mobile platforms, we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, because the graphic speaks for itself:

Mario Kart Tour is about to reach 100M downloads

The Mario Kart Tour figures, better on iOS or Android?

The Sensor Tower report goes a bit further, and that is how, as the companions of Android Central tell us the income of Nintendo in its new mobile game have exceeded 12 million dollars in their first week in gross values, and that although at least starting to play Mario Kart Tour is completely free.

In addition, we know if the game has had more impact on iOS or Android, because of the 90 million downloads around 59.5% comes from Google Play Store, adding 53.5 million, leaving for iOS another 36.5 million downloads on the App Store.

It is not a palpable difference, especially considering the huge Android penetration in some markets regarding the iPhone, but it is significant to see how a world-renowned game expands with a ratio 60/40 on the two main platforms.

Curiously, as far as income, things change, because Apple users are more accustomed to paying for its services, applications and games, generating almost three quarters of those 12 million dollars in gross income: $ 9.6 million comes from iOS (75.5%) while only 3.1 million dollars arrive from Android.

In fact it is even more curious to see how the United States accounts for 15% of downloads, with 13.2 million, but more than 45% of income with 5.8 million dollars.

Undoubtedly impressive the business figures of a game like Mario Kart Tour, from a successful saga of a more successful firm still, which gets a Income per download of $ 0.26 on iOS and $ 0.06 on Android, occupying the first place in the list of downloads of Google Play in the majority of markets in the last days.

We will see the evolution, yes, of a Call of Duty: Mobile that pointed ways with 20 million downloads globally in its first 3 days, but it seems that it will be complicated for dispute the throne of the best launch in history from a mobile game to Mario Kart Tour.

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Mario Kart Tour is about to reach 100M downloads
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