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Learn how to modify the navigation and notification bars to your liking

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<p>When rooting in our mobile, one of the first actions we usually do is install Xposed Framework to modify the phone to our liking. One of the advantages of this tool is that <strong>It is very easy to use and is accessible to all users with an Android phone,</strong> So much so that there are modules within this application available from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.</p>
<p><strong>This time we will focus on modifying the appearance of the notification bar,</strong> where are the clock, notifications, etc. <strong>And the navigation bar, which is responsible for providing software buttons to our device.</strong> It is a very simple process, and at the end we will have our phone with Android as we like.</p><div class=

Flat Style Bar Indicators

Thanks to this module we can modify to our liking all the icons of the notification bar, from the design of the clock to the spacing between notifications, as well as the size of each icon or its distribution. It is a module with practically infinite options, to which we will have to devote many hours to be able to squeeze each and every one of the parameters available to it.

The best of all is that Flat Style Bar Indicators is free and unlike other modules it has no option, the developer only asks us for a donation if we have enjoyed his work. Therefore if you are bored of your mobile icons, or just want to have the appearance of other phone brands, this is your module.

Flat Style Colored Bars

It is an application made to complete the work of the previous one, this allows us to modify the colors of the icons, but If there is a functionality that stands out above the rest, it is to be able to acquire the same colors as the background of the application.

Therefore, if we are in the settings, with Flat Style Colored Bars, the navigation bar will display the same color as the background of the settings, and the notification bar acquires the color of the header, without any shading, The same happens when we browse Google Chrome or use the keyboard. As seen in the image.

module for xposed


It is another module referring to the navigation bar, In this case, it allows us to change the default icons of the bar and select the ones that best suit our taste. There is a large variety of buttons separated in free and from prime to never tire of the appearance of our terminal.

In addition, xStana has another option to choose between the different notification bars that are available to us, there are different types. There are some originals and others that mimic the designs of the best-known mobile manufacturers.

Thanks to these three free modules we can spend hours and hours until we find the design that best suits our preferences. Do you know any of these modules? Do you prefer a stock or modified style to your liking?

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