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larger screen, compatible with Apple pencil and more ┬╗ERdC

iPad 7th gen: larger screen, compatible with Apple pencil and ms

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Apple is carrying out its great event to introduce new devices and products. Among the first devices revealed we have the new basic level iPad or brand entry. This has been referred to simply as iPad of the seventh generation or 7th gen. This is the successor of the tablet that was launched in the month of March of last year 2018 with a 9.7-inch screen; and that has resulted in a great success for the company, to the point that it has been the first iPad for 60% of its buyers.

New 7th gen iPad, Apple's tablet input

The new iPad has a Retina display a little larger, this time reaching 10.2 inches. As for resolution, Apple only says it has almost 3.5 million pixels. Apple says that thanks to its sharpness and wide viewing angle, its screen is ideal for immersive experiences of augmented reality AR, in combination with the tablet cameras and the multiple sensors it has.

As to processor, the tablet is powered by it Apple A10 Fusion chip than its predecessor.

Compatible with Apple Pencil

The new iPad of the seventh generation is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus. This aade ease of use and speed in productivity, such as the ability to bookmark and send web pages or entire documents simply by sliding the Apple Pencil from the bottom corner of the screen. Thanks to a redesigned tool palette, it provides easier access to tools, colors and shapes for drawing and design applications.

Smart connector

The tablet has also been added a Smart connector, which allows it to be paired with the Apple Smart Keyboard It folds in the form of a case when the device is not used.


The 7th gen iPad weighs approximately one pound and the housing is made of 100% recycled aluminum. Run iPadOS as an operating system, with everything that this improved version implies that we recently learned about Apple's operating system designed for tablets. iPadOS has better multitasking, the floating keyboard, access to the SD card in the Files application and the new improved video editor in the Photos application, among other features.

Among other features, it has Touch ID for a fast and safe unlocking with our footprint. Also be present LTE connectivity.

Price and availability

The new 7th gen iPad costs the same as last year's version. It is offered for $ 329 for the general public and for $ 299 for educational clients. Now available to order and will be sent as of September 30. Buying this new tablet includes one year of Apple TV + service for free. Finally the tablet is also compatible with the Apple Arcade service.


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larger screen, compatible with Apple pencil and more ┬╗ERdC
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