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Instagram already tests the use of Direct on its web platform

Within the applications that we could find in any smartphone if we do a random experiment this Instagram. Whether for business, content creators or simply sharing photographs with friends, the social network of photographs has already positioned itself as one of the favorites by the public if not the favorite among all .

You don't have so much time that through Instagram we can send you text messages through its Direct function. This feature at the beginning simple has evolved to the point of becoming totally something like a WhatsApp integrated in Instagram. And while it's not that popular, the company has plans for its future.

As we know, Instagram apart from its mobile application allows us to access our accounts through a browser, although with limited functionality to see, comment and give likes. We cannot upload photographs unless you use browser extensions let alone send messages, but the latter may change.

Recently on Twitter, user Jane Wong published what she found on her Instagram web account. You can clearly see how the distinctive Direct icon appears just where it is normally to the icon to add friends. Seeing that this was only active for a few moments, it follows that These are tests that are being done to include the function in the future.

Perhaps with this soon we will not only have Direct on the Instagram web platform but also the ability to upload content. It occurs to me that we can schedule publications for creators, for example.

What do you think of this function for Instagram? It will like you? Let me know in the comment box below, we are reading.

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