If the Mario Kart Tour control seems to be inaccurate, disable this option

If the Mario Kart Tour control seems to be inaccurate, disable this option

The first game of Mario Kart for mobile, Mario Kart Tour, has landed this morning – with server saturation included – and is already talking, especially badly when it comes to to control of the same. While it is an easy game when it comes to the understanding of its techniques, some users are not finishing liking the way in which this delivery is conducted.

Because, like the last installment (Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), in Mario Kart Tour, certain aids are activated by default which, rather than facilitating the game, hinder us. We show you how to deactivate them and we encourage you to try them to see if your experience improves.

Disable these assists at the wheel to improve the control of Mario Kart Tour

Especially the most experienced players who come to compete in the deliveries of Wii U and Nintendo Switch, which in console games turn off the assists at the wheel (those that prevent you from falling off the track and the one that accelerates automatically), will be interested in having total control of the kart.

To do this, we will follow these steps:

In the section where competitions appear, we play on the button Men to access it.

Inside the Menu we will see the option Settings, which we will access.

Mario Kart Tour Control

Here we will deactivate the controls Smart steering wheel, Automatic objects Y Motion control.

He Smart steering wheel It is perhaps the one that interferes the most in our race, since it redirects the direction towards which we turn if the vehicle detects that we leave the road. This can create a sense of lack of control or that the car does not respond to our guidelines, preventing speeding curves skidding, for example.

Do the test; drive a race with these assists and another without and check which one suits you best. Motion control may be a good ally for some users, but being a vertically arranged judge, it is not so intuitive.