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How to protect sensitive notifications in Apple Watch Series 5

The new Apple Watch Series 5 surpasses the previous version thanks to THREE new functions:

  • Always active screen: Makes the screen always on.
  • New health options: Audition and menstrual cycle.
  • Integrated compass: We are not talking about an application that simulates a compass, but an authentic magnetic compass.

All these features of the new model of Apple Watch series 5 they are very interesting individually, but of course the one that attracts the most attention and the most demanded by users is that of the always active screen. If the design of the Apple Watch was a success that came to occupy covers of the main fashion magazines, now the areas designed by Apple that we can customize with the information we want, will not go unnoticed thanks to this new function. But if the screen of the new Apple Watch is always active Is there a system to hide or protect sensitive notifications on our Apple Watch 5?.

How to protect notifications with sensitive information in Apple Watch Series 5

protect sensitive notifications on Apple Watch

Time required:1 minute.

The answer to this question is s. Apple has thought of a system to hide our notifications with sensitive information such as appointments, emails or even our heart rate. Imagine the effect that it could cause, if during an appointment or a job interview, they were exposed by having the screen option always active. To change this behavior we will have to follow these FOUR steps:

  1. Settings

    From the Apple Watch We access the system settings.

  2. Screen and Brightness

    We look for the section Screen and Brightness of watchOS settings.

  3. Always active

    We enter into the settings of the Always Active Screen.

  4. Hide Sensitive Complications

    In this section, apart from activating or deactivating the always active screen. We will can activate or desactivate the option we mentioned to hide notifications with «Sensitive» information.

With this simple adjustment We can hide from prying eyes ALL those notifications that we do not want to show, only we who can see them by looking at the time on our Apple Watch, at which time we will show the notifications we have.

How to protect sensitive notifications in Apple Watch Series 5
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