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How to mute calls from unknown numbers on iPhone with iOS 13

With the arrival of iOS 13 come hundreds of new features and We are not only referring to the aesthetic level or in the form of new applications. But they add new functions to system applications as in the case of being able to silence calls from unknown numbers on iPhone.

So far it was only possible to block those numbers that we decided (in their vast majority those commercial telephones that they called incessantly). But iOS 13 takes another step and allows us to silence those numbers that we don't have in our contacts calendar, that we have not called recently or that are not suggested by Siri (that is to say that they have not been located as a contact in some chain of mails, messages or others).

How to mute calls from unknown numbers on iPhone with iOS 13

how to mute calls from unknown numbers on iPhone with iOS 13

Time required:1 minute.

Mute calls from unknown numbers on iPhone allow us forget once and for all of those "inopportune" calls, of people or companies that we do not have among our contacts in only THREE steps:

  1. Settings

    Enter the iOS settings from your iPhone.

  2. Phone

    Find the phone section, where you can adjust the options and behavior of the iPhone with calls (Calls, blocked contacts, dial assistance, etc.).

  3. Mute unknown numbers

    Activate the option of Mute unknown numbers for all those numbers that we have not saved in our contacts agenda, or that we have blocked.

All those calls "Filtered" that have not sounded on our iPhone, they will be sent directly to the voice mailbox (if tennis activated) and will appear in the list of recent calls. So we can, either by the message they have left in the mailbox, or by recognizing the number, return the call whenever we want.

If, as we do not answer calls from unknown numbers, this iOS setting will become your biggest ally. But EYE! that many companies use switchboards that by not having them stored their numbers can go unnoticed …