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How to manage Facebook notifications on Android

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<p><strong>Facebook is still the most used social network worldwide</strong>. Many people use the application on their Android phone, which means in many cases having to suffer notifications from the social network. Although notifications will be deactivated in the near future, for now we have to settle for managing them in another way. Although we can do it simply.</p><div class=

We can manage these notifications, so that they will be displayed in a way that is more comfortable for us. If you have a Facebook account, you'll know, but all kinds of notifications are issued, for many different actions. Good management, selecting those that are relevant, allow us a better use.

Therefore, we show you below how should we manage notifications in the social network in the best way. One way to reduce the notifications we get on Android, which in many cases are annoying. Especially if you are thinking about going on a trip soon and want to forget about them at all times.

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Manage notifications on Facebook

Set up Facebook notifications

First we will have to Open the Facebook application on our Android phone. Inside it we click on the three horizontal stripes, which are located in the upper right part of the screen. A menu will open where we have several options and in which we have to access the configuration. When we click on the configuration, several options will appear, but we have to enter the configuration section.

On the next screen we have to slide until we get to the notifications section. We find several sections or options within it. The section that interests us in this case is the configuration of notifications, where we will find all Facebook notifications and what we can do with them in our case. Here we can start this management in the simplest way possible.

There are a number of aspects that we must manage, for more comfortable use of the application on Android. We tell you this in the next section.

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Notifications management by category

Facebook Notifications

In this section we find a list of types of notifications that Facebook issues. So we can choose everything individually, so that we will configure it. Above all we find the "Push notifications" option, which are the notifications that the social network issues, that we can silence if we want, so that a sound is not emitted when there is any notification in the app.

Then we can go managing each type of notification individually. For example, we can enter the labels section, where we always find the same options as in the rest of the sections. In this sense, Facebook allows us to choose how to receive these notifications, with three alternatives in total:

  • Push notifications: The normal ones that are usually shown on Android, which appear in the notification panel and we usually see them on the phone's lock screen.
  • By email: We receive an email every time there is a notification of this type, in the email account that we have associated with the account in the social network.
  • By SMS: We have to have a phone number associated with the social network and in it we will receive an SMS when there is any notification in this particular category.

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We have the possibility to activate each of these options on Facebook, so that we receive notifications in that way. Although if we want, we can also deactivate all the switches, which allows of a particular category let's stop receiving notifications on our Android phone. This is something that each user will be able to manage in the way that is most comfortable at all times. So you just have to manage this in each of the categories that we have in that list. The options are always the same.

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