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How to make your YouTube history automatically deleted

YouTube is one of the best tools you can use to access a huge catalog of videos on music, education, entertainment, sports, economics, news and even high-quality documentaries. When using the service, you must be careful, because YouTube keeps track of all the videos you've seen.

YouTube?s viewing history poses a great risk to your privacy, as anyone with access to your mobile or computer can see it. To protect your privacy, you can manually clear your playback history. But nevertheless, To make it more comfortable, you can configure automatic erase of the display data.

How to make your YouTube history automatically deleted

At the beginning of October 2019, Google announced that it had introduced new methods to protect the security and privacy of users. One of them is the automatic deletion of the playback history, so that they don't have to remember from time to time that they should erase the data.

Automatic history deletion on Android

To enable this deletion, the first thing you should do is enter the My Account section, accessible from the Google app (Ms> Manage your account) and from this link. Once inside, go to the Data and personalization section, and Swipe down until you find the YouTube History option, where you should click

When you enter this last window, you can see that there are different functions that allow you to control your account activity. The important option in this case is Manage activity, select that button to access a new menu. Then slide down until you find the function Change settings, under the calendar icon, and click on it.

As the name implies, in this new menu you can configure how to delete the information. You will find two options: that it is automatically deleted after 18 months of registration, or that it is automatically deleted after 3 months. Thus, data that exceeds the period of time you set will disappear Without you having to do anything.

Automatic deletion of YouTube history

Choose how long you want to keep your account activity on YouTube -3 or 18 months- and click Next to continue the process. When confirming the process, the history content that has been saved for more than 3 or 18 months will be automatically deleted. Google save your preferences and the function is enabled.

Automatic history deletion on your computer

To activate automatic deletion with your computer, the process is very similar. Go to the section My Google Account, and select Data and personalization in the left sidebar. Then, go down the page until you find YouTube History, where you should click.

As with Android, within the YouTube History section you should select the option Manage Activity. Go back down the page and click on Choose how much to remove activity. As you see, the options that Google gives you are the same as when you do it with the mobile: save the history and have it deleted automatically after 3 or 18 months.

Automatically delete YouTube history

When confirming the activation of the function, those visualizations that have been stored in your account for more than 3 or 18 months will also be deleted. You should not do anything else, After confirming your decision, automatic deletion of your history is enabled and you should not worry more about doing it manually.

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