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How to install extensions in Firefox for Android


Extensions are one of the best complements that we have at our disposal in browsers, mainly in Chrome and Firefox, although they are also available in Opera if we talk about desktop versions. However, if we talk about mobile versions, the number is reduced considerably and very few browsers allow us to make use of these add-ons.

Firefox, like Samsung Internet, are two of the browsers that today allow us to install extensions in the mobile version. The main extensions, not to mention that they are practically the only ones, allow us to block both advertising and trackers but we can also find some useful ones. Here we show you how to install extensions in Firefox for Android.

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Install extensions in Firefox

Install Firefox extensions on Android

  • First, once we have opened the browser, click on the three vertical points in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Then click on Accessories.
  • Of the different options shown, click on Discover the recommended Firefox extensions.

Install Firefox extensions on Android

  • To install them, we just have to click on them.
  • Next, click on Add to Firefox.
  • Depending on the type of extension we want to install, it is likely that the system will request permission so that the extension can perform certain actions. If this is the case, click on Add.

In this specific case, I have installed the Dark Reader extension, an extension that allows us replace the white background of most web pages with a dark one, which will allow us to read content in a much more comfortable way, when we find low brightness in the room.

Firefox is one of the best browsers we currently have in the market. The Mozilla Foundation is working on a new version of Firefox, version that you can already try by downloading Firefox Preview, a new browser created from scratch and based on the open source browser GeckoView, which will make The next version of Firefox is twice as fast as the current one.

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