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How to enable Google Now in Nova Launcher explained step by step

Practical video tutorial in which I explain the way enable Google Now in Nova Launcher, or that it is the same, enable access to the Google feed from the Nova Launcher home screen with just a Swipe to the right just like in the Google Pixels.

I have made this practical video tutorial because of the many requests that have come to me from Androidsis readers and followers of the Androidsis Community on Telegram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, and although it is an extremely simple process for many of us to enable Google Now in Nova Launcher, many users see that it costs them a little and they need a A little help, so let's go there!

First: Download everything you need to enable Google Now in Nova Launcher

Of course, what we will first need is to be Nova Launcher users, which for me and for many is the best Android application launcher of all time.

Then I leave direct link to the Nova Launcher download from Google Play Store, keep in mind that I don't know if it is necessary to have the paid version to enable Google Now in Nova Launcher, in any case follow these steps and leave me in the comments of this same post if this works from the free version of Nova Launcher (I cannot verify it personally or with my family's accounts since I have the Premium version of Nova Launcher and it is also compatible with the family sharing function, although I would swear that this is compatible with the free version of the app).

Once Nova Laucnher is installed or verified that we have it updated to its latest available version, we just need to download an application externally, APK, with which we can do the magic of enabling Google Now in Nova Launcher.

This application is called Nova Companion and that goes for its version 1.1 It can be downloaded directly from apkmirror by clicking on this link.

Second: Enable unknown origins

To install it we must have enabled the option called our Android settings unknown origins or unknown sources an option that, until versions of Android Nougat was within the security section, while in later versions of Android we will have to give permission to the application with which we want to install the apk file.

Then I leave a video in which I explain how to enable unknown sources on Android depending on the version of the system you use:

Third: Install the application and activate it from the Nova Launcher settings

After installing the apk, we will only have to enter the Nova Launcher settings, specifically in the section of integrations and enable the Google Now Page option by checking on it.

And that's it, With this we will have Google Now enabled in Nova Launcher!

Easy right?

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