How to create your own maps on Google Maps

How to create your own maps on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular applications. For a couple of years new functions have not stopped coming to it. Thanks to this, it has become an essential application. And you can take advantage of all kinds of tricks and functions.

Something that many users would like is to be able to create your own maps on Google Maps; a possibility that can have many different functionalities. And there is a way to do it; although it is not a function that is in the app natively.

For the creation of maps, another application must be used, Google My Maps. Thanks to it, a user can create their own maps with routes, or marking places they have visited, etc. And it is very simple to use.

Google My Maps

Google My Maps allows the creation of all kinds of custom maps. With it it is possible to plan a trip or mark on a map the sites that have been visited on a route, also mark sites of interest that you want to visit on occasion. The possibilities are very wide.

Google My Maps is an application owned by Google. As usual in large G applications, downloading is completely free. There are also no purchases or ads inside the app.

For those users interested in getting her, It can be downloaded at the following link. Once installed open the door to what we are looking for, create custom maps.

Create maps with Google My Maps

At the interface level, the application is really simple. When it has been downloaded, the application will ask users to accept a couple of permissions, which are necessary for its operation. Once accepted, the creation process begins.

How to create a map

Create Google Maps My Maps

The first step is to click on the + icon in the lower right of the screen, on a blue button. Google My Maps asks give a name to the custom map. Also, if desired, it is possible to add a short description that mentions what will be collected on this map. This is something optional.

When the name has been given, you have to press next. Then, Google Maps opens with the world map. You just have to go choosing the sites to enter on the map. A place can be chosen by marking it directly from the map, although the integrated search engine can also be used. The cities or specific sites (attraction, museum, neighborhood) that are added will be incorporated into the custom map.

For each site there is the possibility of adding a short description. Then you just have to click on the accept icon, in the upper right, and the place will be added to the map. The process has to be repeated with all the desired sites and the base of the map will be ready.

Share maps

Share maps on Google My Maps

All maps created using Google My Maps can be shared. Thus, if the route is being planned for a trip, the map can be shared with all the route partners. You can use both social networks and email, among others.

The way to share a map is simple: just slide the bottom, where the name of the map comes out. Several options will appear; with the share icon in the upper right.