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How to add a podcast to a playlist on Spotify

Podcasts have entered Spotify strongly but it has not been until now when the music on demand platform has implemented an option that from the beginning should have been. The company has announced the possibility of add podcasts to a Spotify playlist itself, a function that allows us to either create a podcast playlist or add episodes to which we have already created.

According to Spotify, there are currently more than 3 billion podcasts in the subscription service and the playlists were exclusive to music, which has just changed.

Podcast on your Spotify playlists, finally!

podcast on a Spotify playlist

Under its new Audio-First initiative, the firm has decided to implement this option that clearly seemed essential from the start, although it is not a function that everyone will use.

To use it, more or less you can imagine the steps to follow. Anyway, there they go:

  1. Go to the podcast episode that interests you
  2. Touch the three dots icon qIt appears in the upper right corner.
  3. Touch on «Add to playlist«.
  4. Select the playlist to which you want to add it.

Then, if you are one of those who use Spotify on a computer, you should know that it is still not possible to add podcast chapters in the playlists. However, I know you can manage them from your mobile and then listen to them from the PC.

In this way, you can play all your podcasts on a Spotify playlist of several different programs or authors, or even mix them with single songs. Ideal, for example, for long trips or to catch up with late episodes in a single afternoon.

Other curiosities of Spotify that you may not know

For those who listen more like to create, Spotify has an app called Soundtrap with which we can give life to our songs. In addition, it has a kind of integrated Skype with which to work online with friends and producers, modifying the model and sharing the results in real time.

And speaking of production … Did you know that Spotify collects the credits of the songs? From the app you can see who has composed and produced your favorite songs.

Finally, for PC users also have a Xiaomi Mi Band 4, with this tutorial you can control the player from the bracelet.